Maximize value and budgetary allocations for all teams and projects.

Control the way you produce financial reports.

Some of the largest financial institutions on the planet use Jira Work Management to handle a variety of activities, including quarterly reporting and purchasing. You can define your workflow, include every approver, and keep visibility throughout with Jira Work Management.

Talk about that spreadsheet

Transfer the conversation about the plan from email to a Confluence page so that you can easily give context and gather comments. It is simple to control access to information thanks to permissions.

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Portfolio value to spend

Obtain a summary of all spending for each portfolio's CapEx, OpEx, value, and other expenses. Having indicators of alignment, risk, and budget status at a glance

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Budget vs Estimage vs Actual

Get a thorough breakdown of spend versus estimate versus budget throughout the organization, division, and product in one report.


Strategic governance

Keep an eye on the status, allocations, funding, budget, and risk level of strategic initiatives.


Project funding and status

Check out the current project funnel to see how each one develops from idea to business plan to authorized status.


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