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Project Management

Start using our market-leading work management tools to help you organize, monitor, and control the work of your staff.

Data & Reporting

View how you, your team, and any stakeholders will benefit the most from your effort and its outcomes.


Jira Work Management offers the most extensive control over security, privacy, and workflows of any product on the market.

project Management

List view

Our In-line editing feature makes adding, updating, sorting, and ranking things incredibly quick.

Calendar View

Reach your deadlines by view and managing tasks across time and schedules.

Timeline View

Our version of the traditional Gantt chart properly maps dependencies and plans projects.

Board View

Track work all the way to completion through your team’s custom workflow.

Task and Subtasks

Task dependencies show which tasks are available for start and which tasks are awaiting completion.


Implement Approvals in your Workflow. In this way, the right person can approve work.


With our drag-and-drop form builder, simple work requests can be easily submitted and tracked.

Start Dates & Due Dates

Keep track of crucial dates and times to ensure that everyone, regardless of time zone, is operating under the same deadline.


Use emojis and likes to respond to comments to express your feelings clearly.


With extensive control over security, privacy, and procedure, Jira Work Management is the most adaptable and customizable application available today.

Global Configuration

Using global configuration options, shared throughout projects and teams workflows, permissions, and automation rules, you can standardize how your business operates.

Customizable Workflows

No matter how complex your procedures are, create flexible workflows that can accommodate any kind of work.

Custom Branding

Jira may be made into a tool for your business by adding custom branding to the browser tab and application.

Rich APIs

Use Jira's extensive collection of APIs to automate tasks.


We designed Atlassian Access and our Identity Manager to keep businesses of all sizes safe and secure.

Issue types

Issue types allow you identify, classify, and report on your team's work throughout Jira by differentiating various types of work in distinctive ways.

Anonymous Acccess

People outside of your organization can browse and create issues with anonymous access.

Data & Reporting

Dashboads & adanced Roadmaps

View how you, your team, and any stakeholders will benefit the most from your effort and its outcomes.


Start learning quickly with more than 30 ready-made, customizable charts and graphs.


Your work can be sorted, ranked, and filtered according to any criteria or custom field.

Custom Field Reporting

With more than 30 charts and reports, analyze custom fields across projects and teams.


Jira Query Language, also known as JQL, is the most effective and versatile way to search for your work in Jira.

CSV Import

Without the need for manual entry, quickly import any data from other applications and spreadsheets into Jira Work Management.

Work Log

Work logs can be enabled on any job or project to keep track of the time spent on it.

And oh, there's also a mobile app

Jira Cloud mobile lets you monitor and control every part of your team’s work in real time from the convenience of your preferred device.


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